Fanmail for FunSpecs

We often hear back from our friends saying how much they enjoy their FunSpecs reading glasses, but usually over the phone or via email. However, this one took the cake. Fay from New York actually sent us a card thanking us, and included a photo of her adorable cat, Pretty. Is it just me, or are FunSpecs fans the best on Earth? :)

FunSpecs Fanmail

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FunSpecs – a snazzy accessory for everything!

Do you own a smartphone or tablet computer like iPhone or iPad? Notice fingerprints smudging your screen constantly? Well you’re no doubt using your FunSpecs while you’re reading the screen, so why not use your matching case to wipe down your screens as well as your lenses? We’ve found it to be quite effective!

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FunSpecs in Honduras

Our dear friend Joel Rosenberg recently spent nearly 4 days in Honduras giving the gift of sight to those in need. The Rotary Club of Asheville was the sponsoring organization and the brigade consisted of 5 physicians including an ophthalmologist, 2 oral surgeons, and 10 lay members. Additionally, he was traveling with the local doctor, 4 Honduran medical students from San Pedro Sula, 4 Honduran dentists, and 2 Honduran dental students. After a 1/2 day in a small village called LLanatellos and then 3 full days in Rio Amarillo, they had touched the lives of approximately 1300 people. FunSpecs donated 75 pairs of glasses which were put to use by people who greatly needed them. The medical students from San Pedro Sulas had a great experience learning how to fit glasses as well. Also part of the crew were local public health officials, local school officials, and the Rotary Clubs of Copan and San Pedro Sula. Joel tells us he is already planning on another trip January 7 to 14 next year.

Check out some photos below of some of the eyes that were given new strength.

Honduras 01

Honduras 02

Honduras 03

Honduras 04

Honduras 05

Honduras 06

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Say Hello to Funspecs!

Itching for some more Funspecs? Take a look at our first video!

We will be adding more content to as well as our new Youtube Channel. So go take a look! Don’t forget to add us on Facebook if you haven’t already!

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All you need is a Carry-All!

Do you have knitting supplies laying everywhere? Fret no more! The TuffDuck Needle Crafters Carry-All is just the right size for carrying all projects, knitting needles and tools. Head over to our newest Funspecs accessory page and see how we can help you carry your knitting supplies in style!

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FunSpecs in Knitting Today!

Knitwear designer Nicky Epstein was asked “what is in your knitting bag” for the latest issue of Knitting Today magazine.  Among her knitting tools she has a pair of our Cats Outta The Bag FunSpecs!  Nicky is one of our FunSpecs fans. Pick up the March/April issue of Knitting Today and check it out!

FunSpecs in Knitting Today!

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Let the fun begin!

Welcome to our FunSpecs blog. All of us here are excited to keep you up to date on our latest styles, colors, and other events happening around here. Each of us wants to introduce ourselves to you, let you get to know us a little and what we do to get your FunSpecs to you. We also want to get to know you! You are all part of our FunSpecs family. So send us your comments, funny pictures, anything to share.

We are quite an “assortment” of characters with varying hobbies and other things we do to keep busy. We’ll fill you in on the latest. We may even share with you some of our very fun “naming committee” meetings. Each pair of FunSpecs just has to have wild and wacky name.

So, keep a check on us and see the latest news from FunSpecs headquarters.

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Welcome to the new FunSpecs Blog!

Check back here soon for exciting posts about everyone’s favorite fun eyewear!

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