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FunSpecs in Honduras

Our dear friend Joel Rosenberg recently spent nearly 4 days in Honduras giving the gift of sight to those in need. The Rotary Club of Asheville was the sponsoring organization and the brigade consisted of 5 physicians including an ophthalmologist, 2 oral … Continue reading

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Say Hello to Funspecs!

Itching for some more Funspecs? Take a look at our first video! We will be adding more content to as well as our new Youtube Channel. So go take a look! Don’t forget to add us on Facebook if … Continue reading

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All you need is a Carry-All!

Do you have knitting supplies laying everywhere? Fret no more! The TuffDuck Needle Crafters Carry-All is just the right size for carrying all projects, knitting needles and tools. Head over to our newest Funspecs accessory page and see how we … Continue reading

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FunSpecs in Knitting Today!

Knitwear designer Nicky Epstein was asked “what is in your knitting bag” for the latest issue of Knitting Today magazine.  Among her knitting tools she has a pair of our Cats Outta The Bag FunSpecs!  Nicky is one of our FunSpecs … Continue reading

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