FunSpecs in Honduras

Our dear friend Joel Rosenberg recently spent nearly 4 days in Honduras giving the gift of sight to those in need. The Rotary Club of Asheville was the sponsoring organization and the brigade consisted of 5 physicians including an ophthalmologist, 2 oral surgeons, and 10 lay members. Additionally, he was traveling with the local doctor, 4 Honduran medical students from San Pedro Sula, 4 Honduran dentists, and 2 Honduran dental students. After a 1/2 day in a small village called LLanatellos and then 3 full days in Rio Amarillo, they had touched the lives of approximately 1300 people. FunSpecs donated 75 pairs of glasses which were put to use by people who greatly needed them. The medical students from San Pedro Sulas had a great experience learning how to fit glasses as well. Also part of the crew were local public health officials, local school officials, and the Rotary Clubs of Copan and San Pedro Sula. Joel tells us he is already planning on another trip January 7 to 14 next year.

Check out some photos below of some of the eyes that were given new strength.

Honduras 01

Honduras 02

Honduras 03

Honduras 04

Honduras 05

Honduras 06

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